Updated Microsoft Automatic Graph Layout (MSAGL) packages available on NuGet

Today’s we’ve made more packages available from MSAGL and we’ve renamed the packages to be consistent with the libraries they contain. Microsoft.Msagl – NuGet package This .NET assembly contains the core layout functionality. Use this library if you just want MSAGL to perform the layout only and afterwards you will use a separate tool to perform…


Microsoft Automatic Graph Layout coming to NuGet

Previously, I mentioned that MSAGL was open-sourced an available on GitHub. The good news today is that MSAGL will now also be available on NuGet.org as a pre-built binary package! We are just kicking off the process now so a “beta” prerelease NuGet package of an older build is available on NuGet.org. Once we work…


U-SQL Job Graph Playback from SQL PASS 2015

I had the opportunity to demonstrate one of the coolest features at SQL PASS 2015 this afternoon. U-SQL Job “Playback”  You can watch the video here: The video doesn’t have any audio so let me explain a bit what’s going on. I ran a simple U-SQL script that read a small amount of data -…


The Azure Data Lake announcement

I’ve been quiet on this blog for a while – and now you know why. I’ve been spending the past few years working on something very special “Azure Data Lake” Today’s announcement is the first step in a journey to help bring a “data culture” to everyone.   Azure Data Lake https://azure.microsoft.com/en-us/solutions/data-lake/   Announcement on the…


Microsoft Automatic Graph Layout (MSAGL) is now on GitHub

MSAGL is just an amazing piece of work. I’ve been using MSAGL for years in various projects – for example as part of my VisioAutomation work. And now MSAGL is available to everyone on GitHub! https://github.com/Microsoft/automatic-graph-layout Start cloning!


Creating a Start Menu Shortcut with Powershell and Python

[UPDATE 2008-05-13] Updated this post to use syntax Powershell 1.0 syntax instead of the original Monad syntax. A simple example that shows you how to create Start Menu shortcut. This example illustrates how to get the location of a windows “Special Folder” create and call methods on a COM object call methods on a .NET Framework…


Merging My Assemblies with ILMERGE

I’ve been working on my VisioAutomation project for years now – it appeared on CodePlex in 2009 if I recall correctly but existed for a few years before that. In any case, as the library has grown, one thing I was never satisfied with was the number of DLLs that needed to be included to…


Easily Create MSIs to Install PowerShell Modules

Developed a PowerShell module lately? Want to be like all the cool kids and have an MSI installer for it? Don’t want to learn WIX? Ok, I can help you. I have a small script I developed that does exactly this. Essentially you point it at a folder, give it some info (like the name…


Remove Source Control Bindings from Visual Studio Solutions and Projects

Ever need to share your Visual Studio solution or projects with someone? The Problem You ZIP up a folder with your code and send it. If your project is under source control – one that is integrated with Visual Studio – you will likely hear from the recipient of your code. They will be complaining…