WCF: REST WCF Integration with HTML 5 and Windows 8 Store Applications


I happen to work with this customer where they required to consume the REST WCF service hosted on IIS and windows service via HTML 5 and Windows 8 store application.


Problem :

To get the HTML 5 and windows store 8 app connect to REST WCF, we need to use the AJAX to write the code. When I started working on this I faced this strange problem….


The application throws a 405 Error

When I enabled WCF tracing I found this….


To Handle the behavior:

Client Code:


In WCF config file:




This thing works till the time my WCF is running on IIS, if I host the same service as windows service, I again start getting error.

Error when I hosted the same WCF service as Windows Service




The main reason for the error is because of the fact that the above <system.webServer>  tag is only read by IIS hosting environment, not by windows service hosting.



Modify the WCF method like this…

Which will handle the incoming OPTION attribute inside the header.



 Some references on cross domain concept:


 Hope this info help in getting started on creating WCF REST service consumable by the HTML5 and Windows 8 Store applications.

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