MOSS/WSS SiteTemplate codes

If you ever tried to use stsadm -o createsite or createweb operations, you come accorss a the -sitetemplate parameter. It actually took me some time to find the accepted values for this, so I compiled all the ones I could find. I haven’t tried them all, so please keep me posted if you find any inaccurate information.

Site Definition Origin
STS#0 Team Site WSS
STS#1 Blank Site WSS
STS#2 Document Workspace WSS
MPS#0 Basic Meeting Workspace WSS
MPS#1 Blank Meeting Workspace WSS
MPS#2 Decision Meeting Workspace WSS
MPS#3 Social Meeting Workspace WSS
MPS#4 Multipage Meeting Workspace WSS
BLOG#0 Blog


BAS#0 Business Activity Services Team Site MOSS
SPS#0 SharePoint Portal Server Site MOSS
SPSPERS#0 SharePoint Portal Server Personal Space MOSS
SPSMSITE#0 SharePoint Portal Server My Site MOSS
SPSTOC#0 Contents area Template MOSS
SPSTOPIC#0 Topic area template MOSS
SPSNEWS#0 News area template MOSS
SPSNHOME#0 News Home area template MOSS
SPSSITES#0 Site Directory area template MOSS
SPSBWEB#0 SharePoint Portal Server BucketWeb Template MOSS
SPSCOMMU#0 Community area template MOSS
_GLOBAL_#1 sitetemplate <- Can’t use this one! Just so you know it exists. MOSS

Comments (2)

  1. Kenneth G. Drew says:

    This is really helpful.  What is the best way to create my own custom template that I can use my own banner jpg file,etc. and be able to apply it for all sites as the templates.  He there directions on how to do this.  I am using MOSS 2007.  I really need help.  I have not use this in a while.

    My email address is


    I am a retired soldier.



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