Failing to run ADSI scripts remotely against IIS?

If you are trying to run an ADSI/WMI Script remotely from a client machine which gets information the from IIS web server around websites etc. you may see this: “Invalid syntax” or error code 800401E4 Or Microsoft VBScript runtime error: The remote server machine does not exist or is unavailable: ‘GetObject’ In my script I…


WWW Service not listed in the Services console (IIS 6.0)?

This post is a continuation to the series on IIS service startup issues. I did not feel like writing it since we haven’t seen much cases on this type of behavior and I thought this could be one of those rare issues which always happens with IIS but my customer who bore the brunt of…


Using System.Net trace configuration file to troubleshoot Certificate errors in ASP.Net

System.Net trace configuration feature in ASP.Net 2.0 onwards is extremely useful when dealing with certificate related errors. Jeff P. Sanders from WinInet/System.Net API Escalation team has written this valuable post for troubleshooting ASP.Net certificate related issues. I am adding it  here as a quick reference for others and myself. Great article!

Required permissions when calling a Web service using client certificate for authentication in an ASP.NET Web application

A Web service requiring Client certificate authentication is a common scenario. You may have a client application which needs to send the Client certificate as part of the web request for accessing the web service. This client application may be a Windows/Console application or another Web application. Often you will get into issues wherein you…


Avoid this confusion around Client certificate mapping in IIS 6.0/7.0

I just wanted to add this quick post around Client certificate Mapping on IIS. This is focused on 1-to-1/Many-to-1 mapping in IIS 6.0/7.0. If you are interested to know more about configuring Client certificate mapping in IIS 6.0 please check this post of mine and for IIS 7.0 this is an excellent article. Recently a…


Asp.Net Request routing implementation fails with Null Reference exception

I recently had the pleasure of working on the implementation of Asp.Net Request Routing feature that comes in bundled with .Net Framework 3.5 SP1. This is a cool stuff wherein care has been taken to ensure it can be used independently of MVC Framework. It can be used with Dynamic Data as well as implemented…


Some Info around WebDAV content access issues

If you have a Web folder (WebDAV) hosted on IIS using Basic Authentication there are a few things you need to ensure such that any client accessing the resource does not get into failures. If your WebDAV site is restricted using Basic authentication and you are trying to access it over HTTP, access may fail….


Increase the concurrent connections limit for IIS FTP site if you see server reset

If you have a FTP site hosted on IIS which receives a burst of client connections at specific intervals and you see the connections getting reset from server-end please read on. Let’s say you have over 1500 concurrent FTP client connections being made at every ‘n’ minute you may see that the IIS FTP server…


Getting fatal error LNK1181: cannot open input file ‘kernel32.lib’

I was a happy man until a few hours back when I was playing with some C, C++ programs built using Visual Studio 2008 on my work and home machines. I could write some program on my workstation, copy the solution to my personal laptop at home and thereby continue from where I left in…


Service Principal Name (SPN) checklist for Kerberos authentication with IIS 7.0/7.5

In continuation to one of my earlier posts which focused on IIS 6.0 this post is more about the confusion that may arise around SPNs for setting up Kerberos authentication in IIS 7.0. IIS 7.0 has a new Kernel-mode authentication feature using which the ticket for the requested service is decrypted using Machine account (Local…