FREB Log file Formatter

IIS 7/7.5 has a module called Failed Request Tracing (aka FREB) using which we can capture a lot of valuable information in the modular pipeline within IIS. We in PSS use it quite often for troubleshooting various issues with regard to Performance, Authentication, custom Module/handler/ISAPI filter issues in the pipeline etc. For more details on…

Required permissions when calling a Web service using client certificate for authentication in an ASP.NET Web application

A Web service requiring Client certificate authentication is a common scenario. You may have a client application which needs to send the Client certificate as part of the web request for accessing the web service. This client application may be a Windows/Console application or another Web application. Often you will get into issues wherein you…


Automate client certificate one-to-one mapping in IIS 6.0 using C#

In PSS, we occasionally get requests from our customers wherein they want to automatically add entries for client certificate mapping in IIS or Active Directory (AD). That is either a 1-to-1, Many-to-1 or AD mapping for the client certificate authentication for the web site. I recommend going with AD mapping because that eases the management…


New features in SETSPN.EXE on Windows Server 2008

The version of Setspn.exe that came with Microsoft Windows Server 2000/2003 Support Tools did not have features to detect duplicate SPNs. The new version of Setspn.exe that comes bundled with Windows Server 2008 utilities has some really cool features. For someone dealing with the dreaded Kerberos authentication failure issues on a daily basis like me…


My IIS 6.0 Web Manager – Manage your Web Sites, Application Pools from any where on the Web.

A Web administrator has to have access to the IIS server in order to ensure that any diagnostic/preventive measures can be performed at any point of time. One has to ensure all the web sites are running up and fine during the course of a day. Activities like recycling Application pools, starting/stopping Web sites etc….


My IIS 7.0 Administration UI Extension Page

The UI extension option in IIS 7.0 is an exciting feature for any .Net developer. You can write your own custom UI pages and can add various features to it to manage IIS on Windows Vista and Windows Server 2008. I have written an UI extension and is attached with this post. I have added…