Internet Explorer 6 may fail to open an SSL Web site after installing MS10-049

You may see this behaviour when accessing an SSL enabled Website through IE 6.0 after installing MS10-049. “The Page cannot be displayed” This can happen for websites that use TLS security protocol for encryption. If you are experiencing this behaviour please check the following support KB for more information.

SSL Bindings are randomly getting deleted for a website with error "SSL Certificate Settings deleted for Port : X.X.X.X:443" in the event logs (IIS 7.0/7.5)

Symptoms Are you getting into a scenario wherein randomly your Website loses or changes the SSL certificate bindings from within the IIS manager? And you realize it only when users complain that they are unable to reach the HTTPS site, or that they get a certificate warning. They are able to access the website over…


Configuring FTP 7.5 with Host Header and SSL

FTP 7.5 comes with new features like Host header and SSL. I recently saw some cases coming in from our customers on this. Scanning the Internet made me realize that we need more information posted on this as far as the configuration is concerned. If you are seeing any of these errors while connecting to…


Using System.Net trace configuration file to troubleshoot Certificate errors in ASP.Net

System.Net trace configuration feature in ASP.Net 2.0 onwards is extremely useful when dealing with certificate related errors. Jeff P. Sanders from WinInet/System.Net API Escalation team has written this valuable post for troubleshooting ASP.Net certificate related issues. I am adding it  here as a quick reference for others and myself. Great article!

SSL Troubleshooting for IIS Web Sites contd…

Recently a colleague of mine was working on a customer’s case which was a Critical level incident. High pressure job, huhh! The issue was with SSL not working for one of their web sites. They were seeing “Page cannot be displayed” when trying to access this site over SSL. It worked just fine over HTTP….


HTTP to HTTPS (SSL) Web Request Redirection

We often get requests from our customers asking how they can seamlessly redirect web requests from HTTP to HTTPS, i.e. how they can redirect a non-SSL request to an SSL based request. Recently a colleague of mine got a similar issue and we decided to use some existing scripts that we had in our database….


Certificate Trust List not being honored by IIS 5.0/6.0/7.0?

Something one should be aware of if one is dealing with Client certificate and assuming Certificate Trust List (CTL) will limit the list of Trusted Certificate Authorities (CA’s) being sent to the client during the initial SSL handshake. In IIS 5.0 Post MS04-011 update and IIS 6.0/7.0 using CTL’s you cannot limit the list of…


Wildcard SSL certificate in IIS 6.0, Windows 2003 Sp1 and above

Here I will be talking about configuring SSL wildcard certificates in IIS 6.0 on Win2k3 SP1 and above. You may have a scenario wherein you want to have the same certificate installed for multiple Websites. Now in a normal scenarios this is not possible. What I mean is you cannot have the same certificate installed…


Troubleshooting SSL related issues with IIS

In this post I am going to discuss troubleshooting SSL server certificate related issues in IIS. Please remember I am no SSL expert…I am an IIS Asp.Net guy and will discuss issues with regard to SSL with IIS. We have seen a lot many times that the issues could have been resolved by our customers if…