Using System.Net trace configuration file to troubleshoot Certificate errors in ASP.Net

System.Net trace configuration feature in ASP.Net 2.0 onwards is extremely useful when dealing with certificate related errors. Jeff P. Sanders from WinInet/System.Net API Escalation team has written this valuable post for troubleshooting ASP.Net certificate related issues. I am adding it  here as a quick reference for others and myself. Great article!


Programmatically managing Virtual Server using C#

Virtual Server 2005 (VS2005) is a well-known tool to manage Virtual Machines (VMs) on a host server. It is a great feature to manage virtualization for hardware/software. Most often one would use the VS2005 Web Admin  interface to manage VMs. But at times (like the way it recently happened for a customer of mine) one…


Accessing iis 7.0 features programmatically from configuration file(S) (C#)

IIS 7.0 has great features for developers now. It is integrated with .Net. UI has completely changed from the previous versions. It has entirely a new look and feel. I feel there would be a steep learning curve for IIS users, but nothing to worry, unlike previous versions this time we have done our homework…


my first post on IIS 7.0……lot to explore yet :)

Recently I have started exploring IIS 7.0 and one word that can express my feeling is “WOW!”. IIS 7.0 is way ahead of all the previous versions of IIS. I have worked extensively with IIS 5.0/5.1/6.0 and I can say for sure, IIS 7.0 is completely in a different league of its own. There are…