Anonymous PUT in WebDAV on IIS 7+ deprecated

I have been seeing this question being put up on lot many forums plus we are getting a lot of support cases opened by customers requesting for this feature. In IIS 7+ we have changed the feature of allowing PUT, MKCOL, PROPPATCH, COPY, MOVE, and DELETE to require authentication. Anonymous PROPFINDs are allowed for file…


Backing up ASP.Net configuration files

Recently I authored a fast publish KB article on backing up configuration files for ASP.Net on IIS 6/7. If you would like PSS to write on more topics that may interest you please put up your suggestions. HTH


CRL checking by IIS

·         When a Client certificate is presented to an IIS website, IIS looks for the CRL verification to determine the validity of the certificate, much in a similar way a browser does the CRL checking for an SSL enabled website. When IIS receives the client cert it looks into the CDP (CRL Distribution point) under…