Anonymous PUT in WebDAV on IIS 7+ deprecated

I have been seeing this question being put up on lot many forums plus we are getting a lot of support cases opened by customers requesting for this feature. In IIS 7+ we have changed the feature of allowing PUT, MKCOL, PROPPATCH, COPY, MOVE, and DELETE to require authentication. Anonymous PROPFINDs are allowed for file…


Backing up ASP.Net configuration files

Recently I authored a fast publish KB article on backing up configuration files for ASP.Net on IIS 6/7. If you would like PSS to write on more topics that may interest you please put up your suggestions. HTH


CRL checking by IIS

·         When a Client certificate is presented to an IIS website, IIS looks for the CRL verification to determine the validity of the certificate, much in a similar way a browser does the CRL checking for an SSL enabled website. When IIS receives the client cert it looks into the CDP (CRL Distribution point) under…


FREB Log file Formatter

IIS 7/7.5 has a module called Failed Request Tracing (aka FREB) using which we can capture a lot of valuable information in the modular pipeline within IIS. We in PSS use it quite often for troubleshooting various issues with regard to Performance, Authentication, custom Module/handler/ISAPI filter issues in the pipeline etc. For more details on…

Internet Explorer 6 may fail to open an SSL Web site after installing MS10-049

You may see this behaviour when accessing an SSL enabled Website through IE 6.0 after installing MS10-049. “The Page cannot be displayed” This can happen for websites that use TLS security protocol for encryption. If you are experiencing this behaviour please check the following support KB for more information.

Failing to run ADSI scripts remotely against IIS?

If you are trying to run an ADSI/WMI Script remotely from a client machine which gets information the from IIS web server around websites etc. you may see this: “Invalid syntax” or error code 800401E4 Or Microsoft VBScript runtime error: The remote server machine does not exist or is unavailable: ‘GetObject’ In my script I…


Debug.Assert does not launch a popup window on IIS7 while debugging in Visual Studio

If you are trying to debug an IIS 7 hosted web application using Visual Studio and trying to use System.Diagnostics.Debug.Assert()/System.Diagnostics.Trace.Assert() in your code to launch a popup window it will not work. However you can write the output to a log file using the following: <configuration> <system.diagnostics> <assert assertuienabled="true" logfilename="c:\\myFile.log" /> </system.diagnostics> </configuration> You can…


Microsoft Professional Advisory Services

As per the excerpt in the link below: Professional Advisory Services is an hourly, fee-based, consultative support option that provides proactive support beyond break-fix product support needs. Typical Advisory Services cases involve providing recommendations or best practices to solve problems leveraging Microsoft Products and Technologies. These scenarios include topics such as migration, product customization, performance…


SSL Bindings are randomly getting deleted for a website with error "SSL Certificate Settings deleted for Port : X.X.X.X:443" in the event logs (IIS 7.0/7.5)

Symptoms Are you getting into a scenario wherein randomly your Website loses or changes the SSL certificate bindings from within the IIS manager? And you realize it only when users complain that they are unable to reach the HTTPS site, or that they get a certificate warning. They are able to access the website over…