Been away for a while…

I was away for a while now in the wilderness of the Himalayas.
I was out covering Leh, Ladakh and Kashmir by road (alas, not biking which I badly missed).
Ladakh is one of those places one should not miss and that too its journey via road. It has its own esoteric beauty
comprising of barren landscapes, rocky mountains stripped of vegetations, deserts and rivers. A must for adventure
trip enthusiasts.

Here are some snaps from the places I was at during this trip.

IMG_6762 IMG_6933 IMG_7081

I wasn't able to respond to comments from people on various posts during this time. I will ensure all of them are
taken care of at the earliest.


Cheers to life!

Comments (6)

  1. Rahul Soni says:

    Good good… you definitely needed that break 🙂

    Howz life?

  2. Saur212 says:

    Hey Rahul, am doing good and hope the same for you :-). I shall call you at the earliest. Strange we talk over this way, hahaha.

  3. Sanjeet says:

    Who is behind the camera? I can see those toothies in all your snaps 😉 which is a good thing. Keep rocking and stoning and hilling and mountaining!

  4. kblackma says:

    Hi Saurabh,

    Glad to see that you enjoyed your vacation.

    We have an issue with a project on which we are working with Microsoft.

    We would like to force renegotiation of an ISS SLL -Client Authenticated session from within an ASP.NET application.

    Is there a way to do this?

    Best regards,



    Sent: mercredi, 30. septembre 2009 12:34

    Subject: RE: Pregunta sobre ejecutar el "Clear SSL State" del browser desde el servidor


    Looking on Google, it seems to work only in IE6+ and to be undocumented.

    Some guys seem to have it working:

    It must be checked with IIS & SSL Handshake, to see if it causes a re-authentication or an error.

    Otherwise, you can play with SChannel timeout configuration in the registry of IIS.

    You can set it to very short, causing re-authentication on each HTTP request.

    You may also do something programmatically uf zsubg:

    However the above method does not appear to be applicable to IIS.

    A silly question if someone has already thought this before and he knows by heart:

    In Internet Explorer there is a button to clear the SSL cache and force him to again request the client certificate. This can be forced from JavaScript with instruction document.execCommand ( "ClearAuthenticationCache");

    The question is: does anyone know if possible and easy to do from the server side in ASP.NET, so they always ask the user to select the certificate? (playing with the sessions, etc.)

    Sent: Wednesday, September 16, 2009 11:18 AM


    Subject: Pregunta sobre ejecutar el "Clear SSL State" del browser desde el servidor

    Importance: Low

    Una pregunta tonta por si alguien ya se ha peleado con esto antes y se lo sabe de memoria:

    En Internet Explorer existe un botón para borrar el caché de SSL y forzar a que se le vuelva a pedir el certificado al cliente. Esto se puede forzar desde JavaScript con la instrucción document.execCommand("ClearAuthenticationCache");

    La pregunta es: ¿alguien sabe si es posible y fácil hacerlo desde el lado de servidor en ASP.NET, de forma que siempre se pida al usuario seleccionar el certificado? (jugando con las sesiones, etc)

  5. Saur212 says:

    Hey Kevin, sorry am on a vacation currently and hence could not check your comment until now. If you are still working on this issue i would be back next week and then we can take it further. Sorry can’t be of much help as of now.

  6. Hi Saurabh, That’s fine. Enjoy your vacation, would be glad for your help once you are back 🙂 All the best, Kevin

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