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Recently I had a so called honor to receive my sister and brother-in-law at the airport.
Well it was a grueling moment for me when I came to know that their flight was delayed by an hour. My sis makes sure that she is late for any such occasion wherein i am at the receiving end...just kidding...I love my sis a lot and assume the same from her 😉
I stood at the airport near the arrival section and watched people coming out and going in.
I thought why not let's make it a good productive started noticing passengers more closely.
One thing that arose my curiosity was people....yes people. People of different ethnicity, different culture, different religion, different social habits and what not. I saw Indians (of course the airport I am referring to is in India), Caucasians, Filipinos, Africans, Arabs...I saw people who were Hindus, Christians, Muslims, Jews, Buddhists and well there were some whose identity I could not really fathom. I feel I am good at gazing the demographic features of people by looking at them but well no one can be hundred percent correct and so am I. I saw some stewardesses barging in and out of the airport wearing awesome costumes as per their airline's directives. I was trying to guess the airlines they belonged to and voilà!, I was almost right most of the time.

To be honest I feel an Airport is like a class room for a person studying humans of different race, culture, ethinicty etc.
Airport is one of those places which makes one realize that this is a indeed a big world and we have so many things to learn from each other. You get to see so many people who never existed for you until then. Don't take me wrong...I am quite an interactive and social animal 🙂
When I say learn, I mean understand the human behavior and the diversity that we have among us. It's truly an age of globalization. When you are stuck in your day to day work you don't get to meet a lot of outsiders...I mean people outside of your work domain and family. And to be honest I really enjoyed watching people...complete strangers...of course there were some nice babes in there....and I could have tried my luck...but then it was too short a time for me to try.

Next time if the plane is late I won't mind spending a couple of hours in the airport provided it's a weekend ahead. It's a good place to appreciate the richness of human diversity. After all how often do we try to get the best of things which we tend to ignore.

Signing off.


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