Live From Redmond: Configuring ClickOnce to best work for your deployment scenario

[Update 11/27]  The talk is now available online here [Click here for zipped download]   [Update 11/07] Attaching the Slide Deck from the presentation to the post.     [Original Post] Continuing with our highly popular “Live from Redmond” series I shall be presenting the following ClickOnce talk on Nov 7th … Live From Redmond: Configuring ClickOnce…


ClickOnce coverage in the 'Windows Forms User Education' team blog

Jay Allen of the Windows Forms User Education team has some good coverage of ClickOnce issues on their team blog. Definately worth checking out …


ClickOnce and FireFox

Firstly sorry for the delay in this messaging from ClickOnce. Judging by the passionate opinions I have heard around the community on this issue, this is a blog we should have posted a while back. [Hanselman’s Blog –][Sven Groot’s Blog –] [Lady bug – ] Geting to business; In the V2.0 release…


ClickOnce and permission elevation prompting in the internet zone

The Decision – With the .Net Framework V2.0 release of ClickOnce, any ClickOnce App deployed from the internet zone can prompt the user for permission elevation. For the earlier Beta2 release of ClickOnce, prompting had been explicitly disabled for internet applications that were not Authenticode signed. We consciously reversed this decision for the final release. This decision…


File Patching

While upgrading from v1.0 to v2.0 of an ClickOnce application, files/assemblies that have remained unchanged (have the same hash) across the update are not redownloaded from the server. Instead they are just copied over locally in the Clickonce store from the v1.0 to v2.0 app folder. This is totally transparent to the user except for the Dowload…


ClickOnce Team Blog

The ClickOnce team now has a team blog at checking it out for tips and tricks, announcamants and other information on the ClickOnce technology and team.


Top X ways to learn about ClickOnce

Sameer Bhangar the Test Lead on ClickOnce project recently internally sent out a list of the top ways to learn about ClickOnce. Is by no way the authoratative or complete list but definately good starting point. This should serve as a good resource for anyone ramping up on ClickOnce. Feel free to recommend other resources and…


MSI installed ClickOnce Apps?

Am at TechReady1 conference in Seattle today, helping proctor the ClickOnce labs. The labs have not been too busy so With some free time at hand am back to ramblings on Clickonce …. MSI installed ClickOnce Apps? This is a scenario request that keeps comming up. Currently there is no support around installing an application…


The manifest has no XML signature

Seeing the following ClickOnce error log?  Well your ClickOnce manifests are not signed … System.Deployment.Application.InvalidDeploymentException (ManifestParse)  – Exception reading manifest from http://foo.application: the manifest could be invalid or the file could not be opened.  …  — Inner Exception —  System.Deployment.Application.ValidationFailedException (Unknown subtype)  – The manifest has no XML signature. But I did sign the manifest…


ClickOnce MSDN WebCast

Just got out of a ClickOnce MSDN WebCast titled “Building a ClickOnce Toolkit”.It was hosted by William Steele and you can get more info on it, on his blog at I was primarily there to represent the ClickOnce development team and take questions. An interestign experience overall, great to see the buzz around ClickOnce. Some…