Sunday brunch and blogs …

Had Sunday brunch with a friend of mine, Arpan, a Product Manager with the SharePoint team. The discussion turned to Presentation tips and techniques, resulting in this blog –



Just updated WindowsForms.Net with bunch of Windows Forms 2.0 goodies … Enjoy!


On a personal note …

After my 3 year stint at shipping a quality ClickOnce for you guys, I have moved over to some new challenges. I joined the Windows Forms Team as a Program Manager a few weeks back. This should give me a chance to contribute to effective Smart Client Development beyond the realm of Deployment and App Model. Will continue…


Top X ways to learn about ClickOnce

Sameer Bhangar the Test Lead on ClickOnce project recently internally sent out a list of the top ways to learn about ClickOnce. Is by no way the authoratative or complete list but definately good starting point. This should serve as a good resource for anyone ramping up on ClickOnce. Feel free to recommend other resources and…


MSI installed ClickOnce Apps?

Am at TechReady1 conference in Seattle today, helping proctor the ClickOnce labs. The labs have not been too busy so With some free time at hand am back to ramblings on Clickonce …. MSI installed ClickOnce Apps? This is a scenario request that keeps comming up. Currently there is no support around installing an application…


The manifest has no XML signature

Seeing the following ClickOnce error log?  Well your ClickOnce manifests are not signed … System.Deployment.Application.InvalidDeploymentException (ManifestParse)  – Exception reading manifest from http://foo.application: the manifest could be invalid or the file could not be opened.  …  — Inner Exception —  System.Deployment.Application.ValidationFailedException (Unknown subtype)  – The manifest has no XML signature. But I did sign the manifest…


ClickOnce MSDN WebCast

Just got out of a ClickOnce MSDN WebCast titled “Building a ClickOnce Toolkit”.It was hosted by William Steele and you can get more info on it, on his blog at I was primarily there to represent the ClickOnce development team and take questions. An interestign experience overall, great to see the buzz around ClickOnce. Some…


ClickOnce online discussion forum

The ClickOnce Online discussion forum is at – It is looked at regularly by the ClickOnce product team and is ideal to get ansewers to your ClickOnce design/implementation questions.   


Demistify the ClickOnce update story

Updates for ClickOnce apps are controlled by the following XML tags in the Deployment manifest.  <subscription>     <beforeApplicationStartup>             <update>                <expiration maximumAge=”6″ unit=”hours” />            </update> </subscription> <beforeApplicationStartup> and <update> are mutually exclusive functionality wise though not in Schema. When both tags are present <beforeApplicationStartup> wins.  BeforeApplicationStartup – When this tag is present in an application’s deployment manifest, at…


Concurrency restrictions in the ClickOnce (System.Deployment.Application) APIs

UpdateAsync/CheckForUpdateAsync/DownloadFileGroupAsync are the Async APIs Update APIs – UpdateAsync()/CheckForUpdateAsync() CANNOT be invoked if either one of them is already in progress. Exception thrown -InvalidOperationExceptioni.e An updateAsync() call cannot be made when either a UpdateAsync()/CheckForUpdateAsync() call is in progress within the same process and vice versa. There is no API/Property to query ClickOnce and find out if…