Top X ways to learn about ClickOnce

Sameer Bhangar the Test Lead on ClickOnce project recently internally sent out a list of the top ways to learn about ClickOnce.
Is by no way the authoratative or complete list but definately good starting point. This should serve as a good resource for anyone ramping up on ClickOnce.
Feel free to recommend other resources and I'll add them in here.

Top X ways to learn about ClickOnce -

ClickOnce Discussion Forums:
    External forum - 
    - As I as have mentioned earlier in my blogs, the forum is the ideal site to go to with ClickOnce issues, bugs, feature request and even general discussion on App Model/Deployment. It is looked at regularly by the ClickOnce product team who do a great of following up on the posts.

Microsoft sites:
    Smart Client Dev Center Home:
    MSDN content on ClickOnce -,vs.80).aspx.
    Video of Jamie Cool the PM on the Winforms/ClickOnce team demoing ClickOnce -
    Article by Brian Noyes on configuring trust with ClickOnce -
    Article on ClickOnce and Regfree COM -

    Overview article by Brian Noyes -
     - Bit old so some specifics may have changed but overall is accurate    

Non-Microsoft sites:
   ClickOnce Publisher Certificates - 
   Links to various ClickOnce related material -
   VS Support for ClickOnce -
   Another VS walkthrough -

 Few Blog references to ClickOnce:
    Saurabh's blog -
    - The one stop Authoratative ClickOnce Resource (well Sammer's mail didn't say so but it should have 🙂 )

Comments (8)
  1. Saurabh says:

    Is the ClickOnce forum also availabe via NNTP?

    I have no idea. Have mailed the administrator of the forum, will post here once I hear from him.

  2. Saurabh says:

    It turns out NNTP support does exist BUT only if you are at microsoft or are an MVP.

  3. Amjath says:

    Hai to all,

    I am currently doing Click Once deployment for my Application which has a command line argument.

    I will select the check box labeled Allow URL parameters to be passed to application.

    I will get  the URL String by having "AppDomain.CurrentDomain.SetupInformation.ActivationArguments.ActivationData(0)"

    It works Fine, when i launch the Application using Browser(online).

    But the Problrm is when i access the same appliaction in offline(by click the icon in the start menu i didnt get the Command line Agrument.

    Please Help me to over come this problem.

    My using Project-> Properties->Publish to publish my Application.

    Thanx in advance.

    With Regards


  4. Saurabh says:


    ClickOcne does not provide a mechanism for you to be able to pass command line arguments to the application being launched.

    URL parameters are supported, but as the name suggest they are parameters passed in for the application through the launchign URL and there is no equivalent support for offline activations in this release.

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