MSI installed ClickOnce Apps?

Am at TechReady1 conference in Seattle today, helping proctor the ClickOnce labs. The labs have not been too busy so With some free time at hand am back to ramblings on Clickonce ....

MSI installed ClickOnce Apps?

This is a scenario request that keeps comming up.
Currently there is no support around installing an application using MSI and updating it via Clickonce.
A user could however have an MSI package that installs that configures the machine and then fires off a ClickOnce .application to install the App which can then be updated via ClickOnce.
Alternatively ClickOnce could carry an MSI package as a custom bootstraper, so that it will be run before the Application is installed.

Both the solutions above though break the isolated, non-impactful ClickOnce Application Model and do not have a clean unistall story.

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