The manifest has no XML signature

Seeing the following ClickOnce error log?  Well your ClickOnce manifests are not signed ...

System.Deployment.Application.InvalidDeploymentException (ManifestParse)
  - Exception reading manifest from http://foo.application: the manifest could be invalid or the file could not be opened.
  --- Inner Exception ---
  System.Deployment.Application.ValidationFailedException (Unknown subtype)
  - The manifest has no XML signature.

But I did sign the manifest while publishing in VS?

Check if your project includes assemblies with spaces in their name.
There is a known Beta2 bug which causes VS to barf on signing manifest if the project includes Assemblies with spaces in the name.
Renaming the Assemblies in the easy workaround.

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  1. J says:

    for me this was sorted by

    recreating the test cert if thats what you use. In my case my laptop moved domain which meant the cert needed to be recreated then app republished. On the client side required and remove app and reinstall from the the publish.htm page.

    The other reason for this was trying to install by running the setup.exe directly. Instead choose to create the publish.htm file and click install on that.

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