Dev Connections 2014

I must have done something right at DevConnections 2013 last year, that they have invited me back for Dev Connections 2014. I will be presenting two sessions – Microsoft Azure Offerings for Web DevelopersThis session will focus on what Microsoft Azure offers to web developers. We’ll focus on Azure website capabilities, including how Azure makes…


TechEd North America 2014

Introduction to Windows Azure Redis Cache Microsoft Azure Redis Cache is a secure, dedicated cache service from Microsoft, based on the OSS Redis Cache engine. In this session we will firstly introduce users to Redis and the features it offers. Next we will talk about the architecture of the Azure Redis Cache Service and dwell…


Deploying Application built using RIA Services RC

Update :: The official WCF RIA Services troubleshooting guide can now be found here.   Original Post:: Today at MIX ‘10 we announced the public availability of WCF RIA Services RC bits. A few months back, at PDC ‘09 when we released our Beta bits we received strong feedback around making deployment of RIA Services…


Understanding the WCF in ‘WCF RIA Services’

At PDC 2009 we (RIA Services Team) announced the re-branding of Microsoft .NET RIA Services to Windows Communication Foundation (WCF) RIA Services.  We backed this branding change with a new Preview release, that has RIA Services built heavily on the WCF stack. In this post I plan to talk briefly about the motivation behind aligning…


.NET RIA Services

Over the last year I have been working on .NET RIA Services, a preview of which just went public at MIX. Brad Abrams does a great job on his blog of answering the obvious question you might have – What is .NET RIA Services?. Also be sure to check out his session at MIX on the same…


.NET Framework 3.5 – Client Application Services

I wrote the blog post below about 6 months back and just realised that I never actually got around to posting it. I the spirit of ‘better late than never’ here it is …   .NET Framework 3.5 – Client Application Services In .NET Framework 3.5, ASP.NET provides built in Web Application Services that provide access to…


VS Live 2008 Orlando – Silverlight 2 Talk

Later today, I present @ VS Live the following talk … Building Rich Internet Application using Microsoft Silverlight 2.0In this session, we will build a Video Search Web Site using Silverlight 2.0. The session will demo – how to use Visual Studio to create a Sliverlight applications, how to create UI using XAML markup and code,…


Avanade Tech Summit – Silverlight Talk

I am presenting at the Avanade Tech Summit in Seattle today on “Building a Rich Internet Application using Silverlight 2.0”. Slides for the presentaion are attached to this post … The App I plan to build on stage is the same one Joe Stegman and Mike Harsh built during their MIX 08 session of the…


Smart Client: Whats new in Orcas?

Am presenting the following talk at DevConnections today – VMS311: Smart Clients: What’s New in Visual Studio “Orcas”?Saurabh PantVisual Studio “Orcas” is about making the rapid application development experience even easier. In this overview we will introduce new features that allow Smart Clients to go where they never have before: including Occasionally Connected Systems, SQL Server Compact…


Live From Redmond: Client Application Services in Orcas

[Update]  My introductory post to Client Application Services is available here    [Original Post]  Continuing further along in with our “Live from Redmond” series I shall be presenting the following talk on Nov 27th … Have attached the slide deck from the talk. The actual presentation can be viewed online at any time through the registration link below….