Learn about alternative high performance computing at the FPGA 2011 conference


The ACM/SIGDA International Symposium on Field-Programmable Gate Arrays is the premier conference for presentation of advances in all areas related to FPGA technology. FPGAs for computing used to be confined to a niche market of engineers that were willing to carefully hand craft circuits to get extreme performance that could not be achieved with regular processors or GPUs. Today FPGAs are become one of the exciting new processing elements that form the heart of heterogeneous computing systems that combine the strengths of multicore processors, GPUs and spatial computing elements like FPGAs. The conference will be of interest to mainstream programmers and technology experts that want to learn about emerging trends in extreme computing.

The conference is taking place from 27 February to 1 March in Monterey and includes a pre-conference workshop on Sunday 27 February as well as regular sessions on Monday 28 and Tuesday 1 March. Registration is now open for the FPGA 2011 conference. Please visit the site http://isfpga.org to take advantage of early registration rates and also to book accommodation at the venue hotel.

You can also download a nice poster for the conference at http://isfpga.org/FPGA2011.pdf to print out and stick on your door, notices boards etc. to help advertise the conference. Thank you very much.

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Satnam Singh

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