Distracted by Abstraction – A poem about F#

You infer the intent in my expression,
Although not always without qualification.

My heart was torn between function and object,
But you have rendered them as one.

I've always been lazy by nature,
Yet I'm drawn to your conditional strictness.

I have emerged downcast from a haze of inheritance,
To a higher order Nirvana.

Although by any unit of measure,
You're not a principled type.

I yearn so deeply to functorize you,
But you say that all you want is your own private namespace.  

Who needs inner class,
When you have polymorphic abstraction?

I was a zero in a bind at the point of no return,
Cast anonymously into the void.

However my guarded expression was matched,
By your irrefutable pattern.

Now I cannot begin to list my comprehension,
Of the joy I find in your symbolic beauty.

I moved a tritone up the octave and I found you,
Let us be bound together in harmony forever.


Satnam Singh

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