Commerce Server Order Schema Manager- Tool to manage OrderObjectMapping.xml

Introduction Order schema manager is a custom tool to extend Commerce Server Order Schema. Commerce Server order schema is represented through an xml file name OrderObjectMapping.xml. Extending the schema is accomplished by modifying the xml file manually. I thought of automating the process and end up developing the schema manager tool. I use this for…


Secret Question Answer – UPM Membership Provider

Commerce UPM Member ship provider always treats the security question answer as case insensitive. While creating the user , UPM Membership provider does ToLower()  of the provided secret question answer and also converts the supplied answer to lower case while doing comparison. If both Create and Forgot password functionality goes through the same UPM Provider, we will not face any…

Commerce Server 2007 Sub Systems – Unmanaged

Commerce Server still runs unmanaged code in few of their sub-systems. Profiles, marketing and Pipelines are the sub-systems which are unmanaged. All other sub-systems are re-written in managed code.

Enabling Secure Socket Layer for commerce sites

By default all the business manager UI’s connect to the commerce web services through SSL. To enable SSL we need to do the following steps. The same steps can also be applied to repair the SSL installation in instances like changing the machine name etc. Install Internet Information Services (IIS) 6.0 Resource Kit Tools. Resource Tool Kit…