Commerce Server 2007 Ramp up

I will be writing Hand’s on Labs to enable developers to ramp up in Commerce Server 2007. The main objective of the HOL is to give step by step instructions to build a basic e-commerce site. Stay tuned 

Importing Commerce server Profiles – Deployment utility

Introduction Deploying commerce server profiles is a repetitive task / requirement in many commerce server engagements. Commerce server profile system is extensible and supports various data bases as data stores. Every engagement takes this advantage and extends the profiles based on the project requirement. Question about profile deployment is very common in all the commerce…


Packaging and Unpacking Commerce Server Sites through PUP Package

Introduction     Commerce server provides PUP.exe to automate the process of packing and un-packing a commerce site. Tool has its existence from the days of Site Server. Complete Meta data of a commerce site is managed by pup package. Using the pup package in GUI mode is straight forward and it’s quite simple. Every commerce server…


Commerce Server 2007 – Data Migration

Introduction:- In this article I will be discussing about various challenges we face during data migration from CS 2000 to CS 2007. Before getting into the issues let’s discuss the basic process involved in the process of data migration. This article covers transactions data migration. Commerce Server 2007 Migration Wizard:- Commerce server 2007 comes with…


Trouble shooting Commerce Server pipelines

Good reference book on working and troubleshooting commerce server pipelines.

Secret Question Answer – UPM Membership Provider

Commerce UPM Member ship provider always treats the security question answer as case insensitive. While creating the user , UPM Membership provider does ToLower()  of the provided secret question answer and also converts the supplied answer to lower case while doing comparison. If both Create and Forgot password functionality goes through the same UPM Provider, we will not face any…