The magic of Hyper-V

Last few days i have been witnessing the power of Hyper-V - the microsoft virtualization solution and could not resist myself from blogging about it.

We have a complex sharepoint solution on BPOS. A critical issue was found in the prodution version. On dev side we already have progressed to the next version, currently wating for it to be deployed on production.

Also our test environments contained the latest version. To test the issue we need to revert back to the older version. Considering the complexity of the solution this meant hours of rollback effort which we could not afford considering the criticality of the issue. Luckily we had Hyper-V snapshots to our rescue. The effort of many hours got tranformed into a 10 min task by restoring the snapshots.

I have seen many other instances of Hyper-V like speeding up builds and automated daily deployments (deployments which are meant for testing deployment scripts and need to be run on clean slate every time)

I really consider Hyper-V to be a must have for Sharepoint environments atleast Dev and QA.

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