How’s everything in Chicago? How’s working at Microsoft?

Thanks to everyone out there who’s been checking in on me! I got a lot of lovely birthday wishes around August 19th and everybody seems to want to touch base and see how the transition to Microsoft and Chicago has been going for me so far.

Chicago itself is a very noisy city. Buses and trains are easily accessible. My apartment building has an express-to-downtown bus stop directly in front of it, so getting around is never a problem for me. The apartment itself is very nice. There are lots of dog-owners here, and my living room has a lovely view of Lake Michigan.


There’s even rooftop access, from which I can see all the way to downtown Chicago, which is pretty awesome.


My work keeps me very busy. I spend most of my time speaking to user groups, writing apps, blogging and tweeting about Microsoft services, and reaching out to the developer community and students. It’s a big part of my job to help students, communities, and start-up developers find success, not just on Windows, but in any technology I can.

Thankfully, I met some very nice people shortly after I moved here, and they are very good friends to have. They helped out quite a bit and I hang out with them whenever I can. There are also a lot of events I’ve been keeping track of, for work and on my own, just so that I can get out and meet new people.

As a Microsoft Technical Evangelist, I’ve been working with students, startups, and independent app developers in the Windy City and surrounding area who are interested or need help with Windows 8, Windows Phone and Windows Azure.


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  1. Daya says:

    GORGEOUS view of Lake Michigan! My favorite lake!

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