App Building Learning Journey #2: Published Apps!

I present to you: My first venture into publishing a Universal App (for Windows 8.1 computers & phones)!

My publisher and developer name is Saelia, just like my twitter handle, @Saelia. You can search for this in the stores to find my apps.

Link to download "Sarah Says" app for the Windows 8.1 (computer) Store:

Link to download "Sarah Says" mobile app for the Windows 8.1 Phone Store:

Awesome video I made showing & telling my project to my coworkers Martin Schray and Brian Sherwin:



My app features the following software:

Web App Template (WAT) (Credit to Chistene Matheney and Sertac Ozercan for introducing me to this!)

Windows Store Image Processor (WSIP) built by Adam Tuliper (Credit to Martin for introducing me to this) to make it easier to produce icons the right dimensions for the Windows Stores.

Or, if you don't want to have to install anything, Sertac Ozercan told me about this time-saver that also generates images specifically made for WAT apps.

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