Win a Windows Phone 7 device at our upcoming NorCal Launch Events

For the majority of you reading my blog that don’t live in NorCal, you can watch the events live on Oct 12. But, if you are in NorCal, here’s a reminder that we have seats available for our upcoming launch events in Mountain View and San Francisco this month! Raffle prizes include: Windows phone 7…

Standoff between me, my bike, and wildlife creature captured on my Windows Phone

Seems that whenever I bring my Windows Phone with me on a bike ride, something unusual happens. I’m doing a well-known bike loop in the area, when I realize I’ve made a wrong turn. I stop and check where I am on the “Maps” app. Sure enough, I’m at the exact center of the loop….


How I Bonded with my Windows Phone – a cycling misadventure

I had an interesting bike ride on Saturday, where I unexpectedly got to do some serious bonding with my Windows Phone. And since we have a big Windows Phone event coming up next month, where I’ve been heads-down learning the developer tools, I had to share this story, especially since this is the longest blogging…


Windows Phone 7 Unleashed Event

For you all in the North California area, we’re hosting an all-day event in Silicon Valley on everything you need to know to develop for Windows Phone 7. All developer skill levels are invited to attend. There will be Windows Phone 7 handsets at the event to test on! DATE:              Saturday, September 11, 2010 LOCATION:    …