Disabling the IDE Navigator (Ctrl-Tab Dialog)

I’ve had a few questions come back to me about disabling the IDE Navigator, aka the Ctrl-Tab Dialog. Here’s how to do it: Open Tools – Options – Keyboard Under “Show commands containing:”, type in “Window.NextDocumentWindowNav” Press the Remove button to remove the “Ctrl+Tab” keyboard shortcut binding If you want the Visual Studio .NET 2003…


The Hidden Keyboard Shortcuts of Visual Studio 2005

I’m calling these keyboard shortcuts “hidden” because they are not bound to any commands, so you won’t be able to find these under Tools – Options – Keyboard. Keyboard Shortcut To Reach the Command Bar Toolbars To reach the standard toolbar that 99% of the time lives under the Main Menu, use the following keyboard…


VS 2005 Beta 1 – How did I do as a tester with my feature ownerships?

As everyone else on blogs.msdn.com, I’m really excited about the Visual Studio .NET 2005 Beta 1 release. Yes, even more excited than getting an email from BillG. =) This is the first product that I’ve worked on from the very first coding milestone to a Beta release, so I want to know how I did…


BusinessWeek Article Featuring My Blog

The June 28th edition of BusinessWeek has an article called Blogging with the Boss’s Blessing which features me and my blog. BusinessWeek interviewed me last week to discuss why I mix personal information (how I want an autographed photo of Richard Dean Anderson) with technical information (Accessibility, Visual Studio, etc.) The article is available online…


3 Days in the Life of a SDET

Zoe’s post Are you a good enough developer to be a Microsoft SDET got me thinking about what I do during a typical day. However, a 3 day period gives a much better impression of an average day in a SDET’s life than just some random day… Wednesday, May 26th 9am – Arrive at work….


Should VS allow tool windows to maximize and minimize on secondary monitor?

Given the successful response rate of the first poll, I’m going to ask a similar and last question.  I use VS on my primary mointor.  On the secondary monitor, I use IE, test case writing and database tools, and the following VS tool windows: Task List, Output Window, and Watch Window.  I’ve found myself wishing…


Don’t forget to voice your opinion whether VS should support dragging code files

Wow!  Thanks for all the responses.  If you haven’t responded yet, please leave comments at Should VS support dragging code files onto a secondary montior?, even if you agree with everything that has already been said.  Also, feel free to say, “hey, i use just a single monitor, so this doesn’t affect me.”  I’m interested in the number of…


Should Visual Studio support dragging code files onto a secondary monitor?

I want to get a sense of how many people use Visual Studio with a mulit-monitor display.  I’ve seen some feedback in my blog comments requesting that we add a feature to drag a code file onto the secondary monitor.  Currently, in order to have source code on both monitors, you have to expand VS…


Accessibility Macros for Visual Studio .NET 2003

As I demo’ed at CSUN, here are the Accessibility Macros for Visual Studio .NET 2003. These macros allow users to tweak the Visual Studio .NET 2003 IDE by easily increasing and decreasing font size, toggling colors in the editor to pure black on white (or vice versa), and maximizing tool windows. I’ve created a GotDotNet…


New Window Management Features for Visual Studio 2005

As I’ve mentioned before, I own feature area testing outside of Accessibility Testing.  One of the feature areas i own is Window Management.  Here is a listing of some of the new Window Management features you’ll see in the Technology Preview release. File Tab Channel     Behavior: Files enter channel from left to right Files drop…