Solution Explorer Tools (When to Sync to Current File) – Extension #11

Control when Solution Explorer syncs to the current file I’ve given many talks on Visual Studio, and one of the most popular questions is about controlling when Solution Explorer syncs to the current item. This extension is the best one I’ve seen in providing this functionality. To Install You can find the Solution Explorer Tools…


VS File Explorer – Extension #9

Get a Windows Explorer experience within the IDE! My series continues with the VS File Explorer. I call this extension out because of its tag line: The Visual Studio File Explorer Add-in (sexy name we know, but hey, it’s self documenting) Gotta love self-documenting Add-in names. Rock on. Seriously, it was the Shell Extension within…


Power Commands for Visual Studio 2010 – Extension #8

I’m way behind in my extension series. Relocation + New Job + Work Travel, it’s been a crazy year! The Power Commands for Visual Studio are back! The Power Commands were an extremely popular add-in for Visual Studio 2008, giving you even more options for your IDE. To Install The Power Commands extension can be…


Collapse Selection in Solution Explorer – Extension #7

Recursively Collapse Nodes in the Solution Explorer! The Visual Studio IDE team has heard a lot of feedback asking for a way to recursively collapse nodes in the solution explorer. For example, right out of the box, when you collapse a node in Solution Explorer, it only collapse just that node. But, what if you…


Find Results Windows Tweak – Extension #6

Increase the Readability of your Find in Files results! One of the first tips I always demo in my talks is how to edit the registry to make the Find Results Window more readable. Many thanks to Robert MacLean who has put together this extension that provides you with a dialog box for modifying the…


XAML IntelliSense – Extension #5

Get your new IntelliSense features in the XAML Editor! If you’ve grown accustomed to the new Pascal Casing and List filtering features in IntelliSense, the Visual Studio 2010 XAML Editor IntelliSense extension will give you these features plus more in the XAML editor. To Install The project is hosted at To Use Start typing…


Editor Guidelines UI – Extension #4

Add Guidelines to your code! Over 5 years ago, I wrote my very first tip about Visual Studio on Guidelines, a hidden feature to enable visual column indicators to the editor. Finally, through this extension, we have a way to set and customize guidelines through the UI without manually changing registry keys. The registry key…


Visual Studio Tip of the Day Start Page – Extension #3

I have waited 6 years to write this blog post. We did it Sean! We did it! =D Get Visual Studio Tips Delivered Straight to your Start Page! The Visual Studio Tip of the Day Start Page is an extension that allows you to get the latest Visual Studio 2010 Tips inside your IDE. For…


Image Insertion – Extension #2

Speaks a thousand words with images! The image insertion tool allows you to drag and drop images directly into your code, as shown below with an image of a UML diagram. Or, you could include your UI mockups to live literally alongside your code. But the real reason I am including this extension is to…


Visual Studio Color Theme Editor – Extension #01

The Visual Studio Color Theme Editor provides you with a central location to control all your IDE colors. No more having to painfully edit each individual Fonts and Colors under Tools Options. Personally, this extension rocks because it was the very first extension I ever wanted when I joined the VS team back in 2001….