Standoff between me, my bike, and wildlife creature captured on my Windows Phone

Seems that whenever I bring my Windows Phone with me on a bike ride, something unusual happens. I’m doing a well-known bike loop in the area, when I realize I’ve made a wrong turn. I stop and check where I am on the “Maps” app. Sure enough, I’m at the exact center of the loop….


Video: 101 Visual Studio Tips in 55 minutes!

Last week I blogged about my challenge to do 101 Visual Studio Tips in just 55 minutes, and if I succeed, everyone in the audience gets a signed copy of my Visual Studio Tips book. Let’s just say I couldn’t have planned for better drama at the end. Thanks to Channel 9 for hosting the…


My First Week as a Developer Evangelist

I thought it would be fun to share what it was like my first week making the transition from Redmond to Silicon Valley in my new role. And more importantly, I thought it would be fun to explain publicly to my uncle back in Mississippi that my job isn’t to pray for the developers of…


Happy Lombardi Gras!!

“It’s like waiting 43 years for someone to tell you ‘I love you’ back.” – Superbowl Pregame Show. What a week. I flew down Saturday morning to join family in the French Quarter. A cousin booked a hotel room with a balcony on Bourbon Street for Superbowl weekend way back in October. What an incredible…


CodePlex banner does Who Dat Chant at Greater New Orleans .NET User Group

On Wednesday night, I spoke at the Greater New Orleans .NET User Group Thanks to George Mauer for organizing and to our sponsor Antares Technology Solutions for organizing dinner. I was very happy with the turnout, considering the construction, the Krewe of Thor parade, a fatality accident on I-10 East, and the Saints parade…


Coding is not Kata

I promised on Twitter to write a blog post explaining why “kata” was the wrong word for the “coding kata” problems presented at CodeMash this past week in Ohio. First and foremost, I absolutely loved the idea of these coding problems. The problems were very similar to those found in computer science classes (for example,…


Looking for last-minute gift idea? Buy The Art of Community book by Jono Bacon

I’m embarrassed to say just how long I’ve had Jono Bacon’s book sitting on my coffee table, as a constant reminder to myself that I haven’t written a blog entry yet on The Art of Community. In the spirit of agile, I’m going to sit here and write a review on the first chapter. Since…


Recap from the Microsoft Women’s Conference 2009

The bi-annual Microsoft Women’s Conference was held last week on the Microsoft Redmond Campus. I keep enjoying this conference more and more each year. In my humble opinion, the Executive Roundtable event was by leaps and bounds the most productive, most rewarding event I have ever seen offered to Women in Technology. I often wonder…


It’s official: A koala is not a koala “bear”

According to the incredibly awesome Catherine Eibner, I’m going to TechEd Australia!! And I found this out on the same day that I donated the last of my advance on my book royalties, bringing the Save Waveland Scholarship Fund to $29,008.34 cents. Thank you everyone for voting to get me down to Australia. This blog…


CodePlex – Free as in Beer

Last week, I spoke at Microsoft DevDays 2009 in The Netherlands. After the conference, I was able to do a little sightseeing in Amsterdam on my own, which included buying a small souvenir from the Heineken Plant, a CodePlex labeled Heineken bottle. The conference was held at The Hague (which btw is a city, and…