How to Insert Code Snippets in Discussions – #046

During our last deployment, we added the ability to insert code snippets into the discussion boards. This will display a window for you to post in your code and to preview with syntax highlighting. Technorati Tags: CodePlex Tips


How to view stats for the entire lifetime of a CodePlex project – #043

If this tip comes as a surprise to anyone, please let me know, as we have a major usability issue on our hands =D For any CodePlex project, you can go to the stats tab, and select “project lifetime” And you can get total traffic summary info at the bottom. i was going to play…


You can “fix” a CodePlex work item via a SVN Client – #031

Yesterday, I got an email that started off with “i’ve heard a rumor that…” Nothing bothers a PM more than hearing a supported feature referred to as a rumor. If you’re using a SVN client, like Tortoise, you can mark a work item as fixed when you commit your changes. You can do this by…


Tips for CodePlex Projects hosting multiple applications – #026

As mention previously, I’m going to use Fridays to write more a detailed tip or article about CodePlex. For those who just want to follow this weekly tip, you can subscribe to just the CodePlex Weekly Tips RSS feed (see bottom of post). Otherwise, you can continue to follow in your preferred RSS feed. First…