Reintroducing MsaaVerify as an open source project on CodePlex

Prior to my retirement from accessibility (i’m still retired, btw), i wrote a testing tool for verifying the required MSAA properties needed for Assistive Technology devices, like screen readers, Braille displays, and so forth.  Working on the power toys for the past year has made me want to pick up the little guy again and…


Another MSDN Blog that discusses accessibility – Microsoft Federal Developer Evangelism Team Blog

Back in September ‘05  (yeah, I’m just a little behind the times), the Microsoft Federal Developer Evangelism Team started blogging, including a category on Accessibility.  All of their content thus far is on ASP.NET.  So, if you need info on making accessibile ASP.NET applications (not my area of expertise), definitely check them out. Federal Developer…


Accessibility and Interviewing

Gretchen is curious what your experiences have been like, either as the interviewer or interviewee.  It makes me wonder how I would give a coding problem to someone who is blind, because I’m extremely visual and like looking at code on the whiteboard.  I’m not the best at recording everything down verbatim as I hear…


Visual Studio 2005 Beta 2 Voluntary Product Accessibility Template (VPAT) now available

What is a VPAT? Section 508 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1998 provides strict accessibility standards that any technology must strive to meet before the U.S. federal government can consider purchasing it. As such, federal IT purchasers must conduct market research about a product before it can be adopted by their agency. A VPAT (Voluntary…


Role-Based Testing Strategy for Verifying Microsoft Active Accessibility

Below is something I’ve been working on for a while now, putting all of my thoughts regarding MSAA testing down onto paper.  Consider this the grand specification for MsaaVerify.  Provided i had enough time, this is everything i wanted to implement in MsaaVerify.  Hopefully someone out there will find this useful and can put it…


What to do when TreeViews or ListViews don’t show selection or inactive selection

While working on a community app project (you’ll hear more on this later), I needed help setting the selection (and inactive selection) on a tree view.  Just a refresher from my first ever blog post, Explanation of Focus and Selection Focus: Only one control or UI Element can take focus at a time. If I…


Moving on from Accessibility

On September 1st, I stepped down from my role on the Visual Studio Accessibility Team. This month marked my 3 year anniversary working on Accessibility. I feel that I have done everything that I could do in this space. And I saw such passion and dedication coming from members of my Accessibility Leadership Team that…


The Fundamentals of Accessibility

Consider this article your one-stop shop for all things IAccessible.  Below is a summary of the most important topics under my accessibility category.


What do the MSAA Properties really mean?

Here’s a collective summary of what the different MSAA Properties really mean. Reference: IAccessible::get_accName Every object must have a name. AccExplorer cannot show “NAMELESS” for this object. In addition, the AA name needs to be unique for every control on the dialog. Exceptions: Suppose you had a dialog with two buttons called “Browse.” As…