Video: 101 Visual Studio Tips in 55 minutes!

Last week I blogged about my challenge to do 101 Visual Studio Tips in just 55 minutes, and if I succeed, everyone in the audience gets a signed copy of my Visual Studio Tips book. Let’s just say I couldn’t have planned for better drama at the end. Thanks to Channel 9 for hosting the…


Tipping against Time – Sara’s Visual Studio Tip Challenge

I’ve been known to talk fast when I’m excited in my Visual Studio presentations, and maybe even a little too fast. But what if I didn’t try to slow down? What if I actually tried to talk as fast as possible? In a race against time, I will attempt to demo 101 Visual Studio Tips…


Visual Studio 2010 Tip of the Day Returns!!

Zain Naboulsi, a Developer Evangelist, has started the Tip of the Day series for Visual Studio 2010. I spent a lot of time with Zain last year sharing what I’ve learned about writing a new tip every single day for a year, so he knows what he’s getting into. =D I’m very excited to see…


How to trick Visual Studio to not show line numbers for blank lines?

Going through my folder of my blog “contact me” emails, I came across this question. I like tricking Visual Studio into doing things, so I thought I’d share. Is there a way to display only line number of coded lines, i.e. don’t number blank lines? Numbered blank lines makes showing code in powerpoint decks hard…


Please sign the official “Bring Sara Ford to TechEd Australia” petition!

Petition is here: and closes Aug 5. When I was 3 years old, I invented the “Koala bear game.” You hide the Koala bear behind your back, then run up to the adults asking them “guess what i’ve got behind my back?” I played night after night after night, until I discovered this thing…


Relive the Tip of the Day series in Video! with Scott Cate

Head over to Scott Cate’s blog to relive the Tip of the Day series, but with videos this time. Scott has taken it upon himself to do a video for each of the 382 tips. URL – RSS – Thanks again Scott for volunteering to do this!


Did you know that today’s tip on msinfo32.exe ends the series? -#382

Cause nothing lasts forever… even cold November rain My most sincere thanks to you for reading the 17 month series. Because of you, people from my hometown are going to college. All because of community inspiring community. I want to part ways saying community is about people, and don’t let anyone tell you otherwise. It…


Did you know… How to optimize Visual Studio for multi-monitors? – #381

This is really a repost from 3 (and even 4) years ago when Tip of the Day was just a weekly series. I’m really glad to hear that Visual Studio 2010 will have multi-monitor support. Really, really glad, as you can tell from the original blog post. Of course, there’s a story behind this which…


Did you know… There is an Open Source command in Visual Studio? – #380

A while back, when I was collecting Visual Studio tips, the “Open Source” command was pointed out to me. Considering my day job (I’m the Program Manager for, I couldn’t wrap my head around this command, even after the 2 second demo. After a few minutes, it clicked that it was “open” as in…