Goodbye Microsoft!

Today is my last day at Microsoft. It’s been an incredible 9 years. I’ve been extremely fortunate in my career at Microsoft to work with such smart, passionate folks. As a college hire from Mississippi State, I feel it is important to play what I’ve learned forward. I recently spoke at the New Mexico Regional…


Win a Windows Phone 7 device at our upcoming NorCal Launch Events

For the majority of you reading my blog that don’t live in NorCal, you can watch the events live on Oct 12. But, if you are in NorCal, here’s a reminder that we have seats available for our upcoming launch events in Mountain View and San Francisco this month! Raffle prizes include: Windows phone 7…


Training for my first Triathlon with Team in Training

People at the various user groups I go to seem to enjoy my triathlon training stories. Since sports training is a hobby for me, I thought I’d share what it’s been like training for my first “tri”. I’m terrified of swimming, hence why i’ve never done one before. I’m with Team in Training, a non-profit…


Standoff between me, my bike, and wildlife creature captured on my Windows Phone

Seems that whenever I bring my Windows Phone with me on a bike ride, something unusual happens. I’m doing a well-known bike loop in the area, when I realize I’ve made a wrong turn. I stop and check where I am on the “Maps” app. Sure enough, I’m at the exact center of the loop….


SQL Server Compact Toolbox – Extension #12

Today’s post comes from Guest Blogger Erik Ejlskov Jensen, SQL Server Compact MVP, @ErikEJ Toolbox for SQL Server Compact developers If you use SQL Server Compact, Microsoft’s embedded database for devices, desktops and soon ASP.NET, this extension is for you. It adds several features not found in Server Explorer Data Connections: Support for both version…


9 years at Microsoft

Today marks my 9th year at Microsoft. Next year, I’ll collect my second Final Fantasy crystal. I thought it would be fun to share a few blogging statistics: This is my 980th post on As of this writing, ya’ll have left 5504 comments on this blog I have been blogging as a Microsoft employee…


Solution Explorer Tools (When to Sync to Current File) – Extension #11

Control when Solution Explorer syncs to the current file I’ve given many talks on Visual Studio, and one of the most popular questions is about controlling when Solution Explorer syncs to the current item. This extension is the best one I’ve seen in providing this functionality. To Install You can find the Solution Explorer Tools…


Windows Phone 7 Developer Launch Events

For those outside of Northern California or can’t make these dates, you can watch our launch event live on Oct 12 from Mountain View. Attend either day or both days!  Note that Day 2 is all Hands-on Labs, and no presentations. More information about each day below. ————————————————————————————— Mountain View, CA | Microsoft Silicon Valley…


Emacs Commands – Extension #10

Use your Emacs commands once again! If you have opened the Tools – Options – Keyboard page, looking for the “Emacs” keybindings, but only found disappointment instead. This extension is for you! To Install To Use In order to finish the installation, you must open/create a project. This will prompt you for elevated permissions…


VS File Explorer – Extension #9

Get a Windows Explorer experience within the IDE! My series continues with the VS File Explorer. I call this extension out because of its tag line: The Visual Studio File Explorer Add-in (sexy name we know, but hey, it’s self documenting) Gotta love self-documenting Add-in names. Rock on. Seriously, it was the Shell Extension within…