Video: 101 Visual Studio Tips in 55 minutes!

Last week I blogged about my challenge to do 101 Visual Studio Tips in just 55 minutes, and if I succeed, everyone in the audience gets a signed copy of my Visual Studio Tips book.

Let’s just say I couldn’t have planned for better drama at the end.

Thanks to Channel 9 for hosting the video at

101 Visual Studio 2010 Tips.docx

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  1. sydneyt says:

    and the warm up act wasn't bad either.

  2. CPDaniel says:

    It was a sight to behold!

  3. Sherry says:

    Go Sara Go

  4. hamada Omara says:

    oh my heart ..  you very excellent

  5. Tom M says:

    Well worth the price of admission 😉

    More importantly it was a fun way to expose

    101 different things that one can do with

    Visual Studio.  A comparable tour of VS

    would be boring and tedious.

    Well done..   I was glad I took the afternoon for

    the presentations.  Thanks again for the

    autographed copy of the book.

  6. Simon says:

    Please change your hosting arrangements.  Two seconds of video, pause for download, two seconds of video, pause for download….. come on guys.

  7. Bob Schild says:

    About tip 94 "New Project from existing code". When I click on the File menu I do not see "New". I see "New Project..", "New Web site…", "New Team Project…", and "New File…" I'm using the VB Environment Settings.

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