My first month with my Vibram Five Fingers (Barefoot running shoes)

I got my vibrams about a month ago, and have slowly been trying to break my feet in. I can now drive in them and wear them almost 3/4 of a day. I haven’t tried running yet, although i did try a small baby hike (slight elevation, 1.5 miles roundtrip at most). Result wasn’t good….


Recap: TechEd 2010 in New Orleans – We’re Jazzed Ya’ll Were Here!

Wow! What a week! I remember the first time I saw a TechEd backpack was back in 2003, where the words “New Orleans” caught my eye. And after 7 years of waiting, my career-long dream came true of attending a Microsoft conference back home. Earlier this month, TechEd returned to New Orleans for the first…


Video: 101 Visual Studio Tips in 55 minutes!

Last week I blogged about my challenge to do 101 Visual Studio Tips in just 55 minutes, and if I succeed, everyone in the audience gets a signed copy of my Visual Studio Tips book. Let’s just say I couldn’t have planned for better drama at the end. Thanks to Channel 9 for hosting the…


Tipping against Time – Sara’s Visual Studio Tip Challenge

I’ve been known to talk fast when I’m excited in my Visual Studio presentations, and maybe even a little too fast. But what if I didn’t try to slow down? What if I actually tried to talk as fast as possible? In a race against time, I will attempt to demo 101 Visual Studio Tips…