Saying Farewell to CodePlex

In January 2006, nearly 4 years ago to the day, I created my first account on CodePlex, when the site was still in internal-only alpha preview. A the time, I was the Program Manager for the Visual Studio Power Toys, where my team created the 5th, 6th, and 9th projects on CodePlex before it went live. I recall sending the CodePlex team a 15 page document on all the UI suggestions I had. They were very receptive of my feedback and always treated me like a virtual member of the CodePlex team since the very beginning.

I officially joined the team in October 2007. The CodePlex site had approximately 2800 projects at that time. Now, we have exactly 13,505 projects. It’s been an absolute privilege to watch 11,000 open source projects get created on a site run by Microsoft. I can’t thank the CodePlex community enough for the support they’ve given us and me personally over the years. It’s just been incredible.

So what’s next?

I’ve accepted a position to be a Developer Evangelist for Microsoft in the Silicon Valley area in California. In other words, I’m moving from the product groups to “the field.” Needless to say, this won’t be the last you’ll hear of me doing open source. Remember, I jumped off a building for open source at Microsoft, so you’re not getting rid of me that easily!

Again, I cannot thank the community enough for such a tremendous couple of years. To quote the immortal words of the 9th Doctor Who (Christopher Eccleston) right before his regeneration, “You were fantastic! And so was I!”

Happy Mardi Gras!

Comments (34)

  1. Martin says:

    Good luck on your new job Sara. I loved your enthousiastic presention (dev days 2009 – the Hague

  2. Josh Holmes says:

    Welcome to DPE! Love that you’re joining the team here.

  3. Welcome to DPE, Sara!

    You’ve chosen a pretty challenging turf in Silicon Valley, but given your background, I have no doubt that you are up to the challenge. Awesome to have you as part of the DE ranks!

  4. James Alexander says:

    Good Luck Sarah! You’ll be great as part of the DPE team. I look forward to following your efforts.

  5. Best of luck in your new adventure! The development and success of Codeplex have been incredible – you’ve done a fantastic job!

    Hartvig / Umbraco

  6. We all know that you are going to be awesome in Silicon Valley.. just bring the same passion and energy that you brought to CodePlex!


  7. Alan Stevens says:

    Congrats on the new gig. I know you’ll be fantastic in your regenerated form!


  8. Looking forward to seeing more of you in Silicon Valley!  We could use a few more presentations at SV Code Camp this year (10-2 and 10/3/2010).  Put it in your calendar!

  9. Jim Holmes says:

    You will be pure awesome distilled in the field! You’re just what the community needs from Microsoft: someone fired up and willing to go past the extra mile to make sure both sides are hearing what the other’s saying.

  10. Mithund says:

    Congrats and welcome aboard, Sara! Looking forward to working with you…

    -Mithun Dhar

  11. Julie Lerman says:

    Great news for the community. COngrats Sarah!

  12. Julie Lerman says:

    it was a typo! I know its SARA without the "H"! 😉

  13. gblock says:

    Good luck Sara, looking forward to see what you’ll be up to next. I think you’ve done fantastic work promoting open source within Microsoft. I love the wy CodePlex has come along. I am sad for DevDiv to see you go, but happy you found something else to sink your teeth into.

    Keep in touch. I’ll make sure to ping you when I get to the bay area.

    Oh and btw, thanks for all your behind the scenes support in the whole "MEF on Codeplex" drama.

  14. Nice! Congratulations Sara 🙂



  15. Thanks for all the hard work on CodePlex and all the help you provided over the years. Good luck on the new job.

  16. Ronald Garlit says:

    Fantastic……  an keep blogging (Which we know you will)

    Good luck and I hope you make it back in time for the game Sunday.  🙂

  17. Aaron Stonerock says:

    Drink some tea and enjoy the regeneration.

  18. Brian Prince says:

    Welcome to the field. Being a DE is simply the best job at Microsoft. Baker was my first, but the new guys are good too!

  19. Nils Nagele says:

    Good Luck Sara. May the force be with you. Everything you set your mind and energy on will be a success. Observing your every move from a distance with respect, curiosity and love. I bowe to you and hope you will publish a new book on VB.NET or C#. VS Tips is a delight and I would like to thank you for making me more productive in Visual Studio. I’d like to read more about the internals, thoughts, passions, drivers, motivators of Sara. Will that happen: Sara Aside??? And I’m preparing myself to pair program with you in ASP.NET. Have you looked into ASP.NET MVC 1.0? It’s awesome. Thanks for everything and please post on your blog and tweet more.:)

  20. David Weller says:

    Wow, Sara…good luck on your new adventure!  You were such a wonderful, and might I add, CHEERFUL, addition to the Microsoft family.  The lights of Redmond will be just a little dimmer without you.

  21. Steve Smith says:

    Congrats and good luck!  I agree with everyone else that you will be awesome as an evangelist, and I’m guessing the weather in silicon valley will be nicer than in Redmond. 🙂  So who’s the new CodePlex czar?

  22. mahoekst says:

    Welcome to the club Sara. DPE rules 😉

  23. Congrats Sara! it would be another interesting job.

  24. Scott Penner says:

    Cool.  You will be welcome down in the Bay Area.  We devs can only handle so much of Bruno!  (just kidding)

  25. CuttingEdge says:

    Thanks for all your hard work on CodePlex. Good luck with your new job.


  26. Thor Kornbrek says:

    Will your blog stay here? I have enjoyed learning from you and trying to keep up with your adventures.

  27. PHenry says:

    Congratulations and all the best in your new adventures! :>

  28. You have done a great work with this project, and your love for the work is inspiring. May God bless and guide you in your new assignment, thank you.

  29. Congratulations Sara. While I hate to see you go from CodePlex, the DE position is one that should suit you very well. Hopefully it is as rewarding for you as it will be for Microsoft.

  30. Sam Ramji says:

    Great work on and being the Queen of Open Source at Microsoft, Sara.

    And congratulations on following your heart to California.  This is a big win for DPE in NorCal and the US.

  31. Welcome to the Silicon Valley! We are looking forward to see you in the user group

  32. bethmassi says:

    WHOOOOOOOOOOOOOOHHHOOOOOOOO!!!!! Hope the Bay Area can handle the both of us, baby! 😉

  33. Dave Bost says:

    Welcome to the team, Sara!

    I think you are the PERFECT choice to lead our evangelism efforts in Silicon Valley. Good luck and feel free to reach out to your fellow Evangelists!

  34. Mike Oryszak says:

    Thank you for all the hard work with CodePlex, its been a great tool for many in the community!  Good luck with the new role.

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