Visual Studio 2010 Tip of the Day Returns!!

Zain Naboulsi, a Developer Evangelist, has started the Tip of the Day series for Visual Studio 2010. I spent a lot of time with Zain last year sharing what I’ve learned about writing a new tip every single day for a year, so he knows what he’s getting into. =D I’m very excited to see the series return!

It’s all yours Zain!

Comments (4)

  1. ccatto says:

    Hey Now Sara,

    Wow Wow Everybody!

    Thx 4 the info,


  2. Woo! Big shoes to fill, though…

  3. Logan says:

    Hey Sara,

    Glad to see you’re still alive and well… Didn’t even hear anything from you in November, been busy?

    Any reason you’re not continuing the Tips of the Day?

    Your posts have something personal about them… You like when someone bakes a cake or something and you can just tell they put all their love into the process… I hope Zain keeps that in the tips too.

    Hope you had an awesome holiday.


  4. zainnab says:

    So it only took me ten days to post my thank you comment to Sara 🙂

    I have so many regular conversations with her I forgot to show some blog comment love.



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