DevLink 2009

Another year, another DevLink.

DevLink Jerseys for 2 years


  • Tweets about me moving the ship from Jim Holmes and Leon. I am here to do epic battle with Microsoft, so their tweets me the world to me.
  • Telling my Uncle Jimmy stories one night at the bar. I so have to go into standup comedy.
  • Setting Leon up for that spike about “well get a better compiler” in the Deep Fried Bytes podcast
  • Meeting the nature boy rick flair
  • I discovered PockeTwit for the Windows Mobile phone
  • And of course Open Spaces more on that below.

Open spaces

I really liked Jeff’s puzzle one, because I got to have a childhood moment about the NES game Shadowgate. I might actually have to buy (another) Super NES now.

I really liked getting to use a projector during the open space i proposed on agile development. I was happy to see others stand up and start using the whiteboard to describe their agile processes, despite . It was nice that I was able to share what I wanted to share, but learn stuff from others (the Honda agile approach with swim lanes and what goes in and out. We don’t do this quite this visually in the CodePlex team, but there is a notion that this is happening in our releases).

Happy Open Space attendees

Alan Stevens in Opening Circle


  • The conference wasn’t long enough for me =D I only get to see these folks twice a year, maybe 3 times if I’m really fortunate. I only got 3-4 hours a sleep (and this was after a red-eye) because I wanted to max hour the time I got to hang with everyone.
  • I wished I had submitted a talk called “How To Program Manage an Agile Team” I’ll definitely submit for CodeMash
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  1. Jens says:

    The Nature Boy Ric Flair?

    What did he do there???

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