It’s official: A koala is not a koala “bear”

According to the incredibly awesome Catherine Eibner, I’m going to TechEd Australia!! And I found this out on the same day that I donated the last of my advance on my book royalties, bringing the Save Waveland Scholarship Fund to $29,008.34 cents. Thank you everyone for voting to get me down to Australia.

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  1. Very cool.  But what’s wrong with those 89 people?

  2. Lee Parrish says:

    You’ll love it over there.  Eat a few "Tim Tams" for me, if you don’t know what they are, you’ll learn when you get there.  I won’t suggest a beer to have, there were so many interesting ones that I lost count of them all. And don’t just hope to have time to play tourist, make the time!  I was fortunate enough to recently do an Australian business trip (also for MSFT) and turned a 4 day training visit into a 11 day trip by the time I was done. Turns out the airline ticket was cheaper if I spent a longer time in Australia!  So I spent 5 days scuba diving on the Great Barrier Reef as my obligatory tourist activity!

  3. Wayne says:

    The place you want to go is,

    easy drive from the Gold Coast

    See Ya there

  4. Bob says:

    I went to Sydney on company business in the early ’90s. As part of my tourist time, I went to a wild life park that had native wild life, including koalas. At specified times during the day, a keeper would bring one of the koalas out of the tree and people were invited to gently pet it. When the keeper invited people to pet it, I held back because there were several families there with small children and I wanted them to be able to pet the koala. When no one would approach the koala, I walked up to it and put my face very close to it and my reward was a "kiss" from the koala followed by many oohs and ahhs from the crowd and an immediate line of parents wanting their kids to be "kissed" by the koala. So, do take the time to be a tourist and get "kissed" by a koala.

  5. TheCPUWizard says:

    Koalas are not bears, but they should be bare…dressing them up in little outfits is animal abuse…

    On a related note, did you know they are he only animal to live their entire life stoned, and that they get very aggitated and potentially violent if removed from their food (and drug) source????

  6. Will says:


    There’s much to do and see here in Australia, i’m sure you’ll enjoy the visit 🙂

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