Please sign the official “Bring Sara Ford to TechEd Australia” petition!

Petition is here: and closes Aug 5.

When I was 3 years old, I invented the “Koala bear game.” You hide the Koala bear behind your back, then run up to the adults asking them “guess what i’ve got behind my back?” I played night after night after night, until I discovered this thing called “memory.” The next time when the adults answered “your Koala bear”, I said “nope, i got a flashlight.” It was absolutely the funniest thing I had ever encountered in my life.

It’s my childhood dream to visit the homeland of the Koala’s, even more so now that Hurricane Katrina destroyed my childhood bear. =( If you sign the petition to send me to TechEd Australia, I will in return give you the best presentation on the Visual Studio IDE you’ve ever seen. But, don’t take my word for it. In the words of one attendee from TechEd North America 2008, “I laughed, I cried, It was better than cats!”

Yes, in that clip, i’m actually reading Tip 1.1 from the Visual Studio Tips book to the Firefox fox and the Mono monkey to make you a little jealous. (Microsoft should get into the stuff animal business.)

Here’s the petition again: Please sign it, and make my childhood dream come true! I don’t know how many votes i need, but i need to prove my worth. So please vote for me. (I so feel like i’m on American idol.)

My heartfelt thanks to Catherine Eibner, a Dynamics Developer Evangelist, for making this petition happen! Couldn’t have done it without you!

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Comments (9)

  1. Programmerman says:

    So, going with the "I _won a competition_ amongst many of our rivals for you" isn’t good enough to get you whatever you want? Clearly whoever’s responsible for this undervalues plastic guitar controller skills.

  2. Antonio says:

    Go, Sara, Go! … to Australia!!!

  3. Joost van Schaik (aka LocalJoost) says:

    Signed. Provided you come back to The Netherlands as well!

  4. Robert Teague says:

    Gee, just get on the airplane and go. I’ve been there 9 times in the last 10 years. It isn’t that expensive. There is a major airfare war going on right now between LA and Sydney. I normally fly from Honolulu to Sydney, although that is more expensive.

  5. Aaron Powell says:

    I’ll only sign if you also get me a ticket to go 😛

  6. J Red says:

    will only sign the petition if you correct the "koala bear" comment. THEY AINT BEARS!

  7. Waleed El-Badry says:

    Sure Sara,

    I personally consider you one of the best software testers among Microsoft team. You certainly deserve it.

  8. TheCPUWizard says:


    I am sorry to tell you that I can not sign your petition…Australia is a wonderful country, and I freee you may enjoy it enough that those of us here in the States would not get to see you as often.

    Best of Luck

    David V. Corbin – Microsoft MVP.

  9. saraford says:

    @TheCPUWizard It’s only a 2 week trip. I’m definitely not relocating to AUS… although, maybe after i visit there, i will want to stay =D

    @J Red: I had no idea. i’m such a tourist. I will remove the word "bear" from any future statements. But, my childhood teddy bear was called "Koala bear" so i don’t know if i can change that one =D

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