DevDays 09 – 24 Visual Studio Tips

Tip #0 Know your Keybindings! General Development Settings

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  1. Manuel says:


    I like to get a tip for the following problem:

       class Program


           static void Main(string[] args)


               IAgent agent = new Agent();




       interface IAgent


           string Hello();


       class Agent : IAgent


           public string Hello()


               return "howdi";



    I like to have a function like F12, "go to definition" for interface implementation.

    In this sample i like to have it for  agent.Hello.

    Is this possible in Visual Studio?

    I found some third party products, but i dont like them.

    cheers and thank you


  2. Thanks Sara, this is really useful 🙂

  3. Nicolas says:

    Hello, I’ve watched the session at the DevDays

    and thought I’d try out some of the tips.

    Thanks again for all the tips there, some were really helpfull.

    Anyway, wanted to point out that I couldn’t find the Edit.FindNextStatement command. I did find Edit.FindNextSelected under that default keybind.

    I am using VS2008 so that might be it but I thought I’d point it out.

  4. saraford says:

    @Nicolas my bad, that should be Edit.FindNextSelected, not statement. I’ll update the blog entry now.

  5. Everyone who frequently visits conferences knows about this phenomenon. On the first day at the DevDays

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