TechEd 2009 – Embrace Open Source on CodePlex (DPR301)

I’m at TechEd 2009 presenting on CodePlex – from how to consume and contribute to open source software using the CodePlex feature set, to how we use agile development to deploy every 3 weeks. All sessions will be available 24 hours after the talk. Stay tuned on Thursday for the link.

Your Challenge

I challenge the audience (both #teched and #notatteched watching the video) to send me one suggestion how we can improve the site.

  • Email: saraf at microsoft dot com
  • Twitter: @saraford
  • Find me at TechEd! (contact me and we’ll sit down and chat when i’m not playing codeplex action figure)

Source Force action figures and me

Book Signing

I’m making a surprise appearance in Scott Cate’s Visual Studio IDE Tips and Tricks talk on Thursday. Immediately after at 3:30, Scott and I will be doing a co-book signing at the book store.

Microsoft Visual Studio Tips book

Special thanks to TweetMyPC, PHPExcel, SilverlightContrib, Peter Henry, and Eric Hexter for reviewing the slide deck and volunteering to participate in the talk.

I will post the slide deck on Thursday alongside a link to the video.

Comments (2)

  1. Phil Garcia says:

    I think CodePlex can be improved significantly by stabilizing the SVN Bridge. It’s still buggy and unreliable. As an open source project coordinator, this is the most common compliant we receive from end-user and other developers and the strongest argument to not use CodePlex.

    Other than that I would love to see these features available from the CodePlex site:

    #2 – Add ability to see what files have been add, modified, or deleted between commits.

    #3 – Add ability to compare different version of source files.

    #4 – Add option to subscribe to e-mail notification for new check-ins and commits.

    #5 – Add project based chat channel (based on Silverlight).

    #6 – Add Pastie-like feature so developers can share code snippets (would go great with #5).

    I would like to thank Microsoft (and you) for supporting the open source software community with CodePlex.

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