How to write a great project summary so your project is discoverable? – #002

The CodePlex Project Directory shows your project summary, and not the initial contents of your project homepage. Having a great project summary will help site visitors find your project and quickly understand whether it will meet your needs.


Since the project summary is required when you create the project, it is easy to write “to be completed later” and totally forget this is your “go-live” summary. Or maybe I’m the only one that has accidentally done that =D See yesterday’s tip how to edit your project summary (or to check what you wrote).

Help people find your project by writing a concise, reader-focused summary.

For example:
<project name> makes it easier for <target user group> to <activity>.
You’ll no longer have to <activity>.
It’s developed in <programming language>.

Let me know if there’s something else we should add to this example.

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