Attending CodeMash 2009

I’m heading back to Ohio next week for another CodeMash. My write-up from last year says it all. And yes, I found my friend Rob again by writing a hand-written letter. I can’t recall the last time I wrote a letter to anyone.

I’m looking forward to chatting with people about CodePlex features and everything else I blog about. Too bad I can’t relive wearing my LSU sweatshirt like I did last year, but I can still try. (LSU beat OSU for BCS championships 3 days before CodeMash.)


And yes, gotta love being an “Adamantium” Sponsor. =D

Comments (3)

  1. Alan Stevens says:

    Adamantium indeed!

    I’ll see you in Sandusky.


  2. There were many great things about CodeMash, one was, no kidding, getting to meet you and some of the other superstars.  What a hoot.

    CodeMash is definately one of the premier independent shows, very glad I got to go. Clearly what happens in the halls is as important as what happens in the meeting rooms – lots of interesting and smart people to meet and talk with.

    Hope to see you again soon.


  3. I’m looking forward to hear about CodeMash 2009 from you.

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