Did you know… There is an Open Source command in Visual Studio? – #380

A while back, when I was collecting Visual Studio tips, the “Open Source” command was pointed out to me. Considering my day job (I’m the Program Manager for CodePlex.com), I couldn’t wrap my head around this command, even after the 2 second demo. After a few minutes, it clicked that it was “open” as in “view,” and not as in “Open.”

In honor of my day job, I decided to showcase this command as a tip. (My blog title made you look, didn’t it?)

the Open Source command

In DExplorer (Documentation Explorer), whenever you do a search, you’ll get results by different search providers.

Open Source command in DExplorer

The above example shows a CodeGuru article result. Selecting open will take you directly to the article, but selecting open source will take you directly to CodeGuru.com. In other words, it will open the source of the article.

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Comments (3)

  1. DotNetInterop says:

    Hey Sara – yes, the title of this article made me look.

    Given the confusion, would you consider renaming the command in VS2010?

    OpenArticleSource?   ViewArticleSource?

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