Did you know… How to tweak your search results? – #376

Today’s tip is just a collection of some tweaks you can make to your search results. Although 16 months ago, I would have said each one of these tweaks is its own tip. But these days I’m all about quality over quantity , since you readers keep me honest when I start to slack. =D

Tip 376.A You can make the abstracts appear as Tooltips

If the abstracts become way to distracting or you want to see more results per page,

showing search results with abstracts

you can Right-click on any search result and uncheck Show Abstract. Now the abstracts only appear in the tooltip.

showing search results with abstracts

Tip 376.B You can remove the highlight search hits by refreshing the site

If you have a lot of terms in your search query, like in the example below “how to define a class in C#” it can be a little hard to read.

lots of highlighted words on a search result page

I couldn’t find any highlight command that could toggle the highlight state, so the best I can offer is hitting the refresh button. It removes the highlight for both local and online search.

Web Browser refresh button

If hitting refresh gets old, you can go to Tools – Options – Help – General (in DExplorer, if in VS add the Environment node), and uncheck Highlight Search Terms.

Highlight search terms option

Tip 376.C You can sort results that contain source code

In the results list, there’s the sort by combo box that has "Contains Code" as an option.

Sort by: Contains code option

If you are looking for some sample code, this would be to have as the filter, because it will move all these search results to the top.

help topic that contains code

Tip 376.D How to change the Web Browser Search page

I only add this because I saw this option in Tools Options, and couldn’t for the life of me figure out where the actual button or command lived. I did a few searches for “search page option” but only found the option, and nothing about the command. Only while writing this post did I accidentally or coincidentally hit it, hence why it is going here.

Web Browser Search

The option to change the page that clicking this button goes is at Tools – Options – Web Browser. (or in VS, add the Environment).

Web Browser search option

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