Did you know… You can save search queries, but not sure about the filters? – #375

According to my notes (taken on July 11, 2007, so it’s been a while), you should be able to save your search filters too, so I’m wondering if this is a “just me” situation or if this is working for others. Yes, I’ll admit, I haven’t installed SP1 yet (yes, I’m a bad VS blogger, no cookie for me.) so maybe this was fix in SP1?

On the standard DExplorer (Document Explorer) toolbar, there’s the Save Search button.

Save Search button in DExplorer

This will save your current search query to the Help Favorites window under Help Searches. You can give your search strings meaningful names (more meaningful than my example) and customize the list order, as shown below.

Help Favorites window showing search queries

Note that the “search 1” saved query is for an empty search. The idea here (according to  my notes) is that your custom filters are still saved, so you can quickly type in a new search term without having to recreate your custom filters. So, I hope I’m doing something wrong, because this would be cool…

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