CodePlex in Denmark and Sweden

Last week, I spoke at the Engineering Excellence / Trustworthy Computing Forum to Microsoft employees at the Microsoft Development Center Copenhagen about CodePlex. I also attempted to do 101 Visual Studio Tips in 50 minutes, but only got through 85 tips. I lost track of time thinking I had the full hour.

Below is a picture of CodePlex outside the main entrance of the MDCC campus. The campus is surrounded by a government-protected forest, so there were these little tree things that fenced in the campus. It felt like a scene from The Village, since you couldn’t enter the forest and no one was wearing bright clothing.

CodePlex banner outside main entrance of MDCC

And here’s my attempt of at Adult Swim, where they sometimes hide the Adult Swim logo somewhere, making you play the “Where’s Waldo” game. Not much a challenge I have to say, but it was fun playing in the auditorium when no one was speaking.

CodePlex banner in large room

I visited a friend in Sweden for the weekend. She asked me what I wanted to see. Naturally, I said that I wanted to go to the IKEA. (yes, this is the flagship / original IKEA).

CodePlex at the IKEA of Sweden

And we went to the Icebar Stockholm, because when 30 degrees (F) isn’t cold enough, 10 degrees (F) or –5C will have to do. And yes, the glass is made out of ice.

Bartender at Icebar Stockholm

Let’s just say it was very, very cold and I was very, very tired.

me with a drink in a ice glass in the ice bar

Now if I can only recover from the jet lag…

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