PDC 2008 Day 2 – 4 pictures

My camera battery died after Day 2. Must buy new camera that charges via USB (instead of draining.)

As announced on the CodePlex team blog, Channel 9 and I hosted the first ever CodePlex town hall. Thanks to Tamir Khason, Joseph Guadagno, and Kevin Dostalek for doing demos of their (or their favorite) CodePlex projects!

CodePlex Town Hall speakers

After the demos, I did 30 minutes of discussion about the new CodePlex.com homepage design and the documentation tab feature.


And now for some random pictures. Here’s a picture of me standing taller than Keith Elder from Deep Fried Bytes.

Sara Ford standing taller than Keith Elder

Jeff McWherter (who just got his MVP award in October) and I juggling (we’re passing every other, I think.)

Jeff McWherter and me juggling

Comments (1)

  1. Keith Elder says:

    It is official, I’m fat.  That’s it, I’m going on a diet.  That picture is not flattering at all.

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