Did you know… You can show project references in the Class View? – #348

The Class View and the Object Browser are very similar, even down to the sort by options. I had to put screen shots of their context menus side by side to figure out the differences.

The Show Project References is the only option found on the Class View that isn’t available on the Object Browser.

Show Project References option

When checked, you see the references folder:

Project references showing in the Class View

When unchecked, the references folder is hidden:

Project References hidden in Class view

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  1. Mark Gordon says:

    Hi Sarah did you know linqtosql is not really N-TIER. It is more like a hybrid since the code it generates actually runs in the data tier (SQL Server) instead of in the middle tier. Therefore Visual FoxPro actually scales better then Visual Studio. Just thought I would pass that along to you. Do you have any idea when this will be fixed or better yet when Microsoft will add a data centric language to Visual Studio?


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