Did you know… How to change the default templates that appear in the New Project Dialog? – #342

All the tips thus far have been for project templates created by you or someone else. Let’s say you want to make a modification to an installed template, like remove some of the default ones from appearing. Or even adding one to the Program Files directory for anyone on that computer to use.


Since this involves modifying your Program Files directory, I strongly advise doing this at your own risk, as you’ll need administrator privileges anyways.

The installed project templates are located at

C:\Program Files\Microsoft Visual Studio 9.0\Common7\IDE\ProjectTemplates

If you want to remove the Office template from the C# New Project Dialog

  1. Move the Office folder found in the C# folder somewhere else.
  2. Close all instances of Visual Studio.
  3. from cmd line, run devenv.exe /installvstemplates  (Wait until the devenv.exe process in Task Manager finishes.)
  4. launch VS

If you launch VS before step 3 completes, none of your default project templates will appear and you will the following error message when you try to open the New Project Dialog.


If you get this warning. Try steps 3 and 4 again, but wait for devenv.exe to finish running in Task Manager. (and make sure all instances of VS are closed).

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  2. Hamid says:

    Hey there sara, thanks for the great weblog and sidebar gadget. i’m really getting tired of templates, come on, seriously. please talk about something else.

  3. saraford says:

    Hi Hamid, thanks for reading the series. I looked at the queue, and Tuesday starts new stuff.

  4. Brian McNamara says:

    Use devenv.com instead of devenv.exe.  The former blocks, which means you don’t need to use task manager to see when it’s done, just wait to get back to the cmd prompt.

  5. Penn says:


    "If you accidentally get the IDE Navigator stuck in this state, email me for the registry key to delete."

    Would it have taken that long to put the information in your post?

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